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Add a "What is Tails?" title on homepage

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To make the short introduction more visible. See notes from the “How to get new contributors” 2013 summit discussion.


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Is duplicate of Tails - Feature #9814: Clarify what Tails is and what makes it so awesome Confirmed 2014-07-06


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Just my two cents: I’d rather see something that engages the reader more personally, like “What can Tails do for me?” (or “for you?”, whatever), than something more analytic and remote as “What is Tails?”. (Of course, I’m no expert in this field, and I don’t pretend to know better than others.)

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Completely agreed, intrigeri.

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As a newish user and also a UX developer, the current title “Privacy for anyone, anywhere” and the subsequent paragraph expanding on this immediately seemed very adequate to answer the question - What is Tails? If more info is needed, the “About” link was also sufficient.

Perhaps we could close this ticket?

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Thanks for the positive feedback. You’re right the current situation is fine for the time being, and this ticket will actually be superseeded by the work on Feature #9814.

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  • is duplicate of Feature #9814: Clarify what Tails is and what makes it so awesome added