Bug #15746

Don't display the Enigmail setup wizard by default when starting Thunderbird

Added by intrigeri 2018-07-22 02:07:48 . Updated 2018-09-05 16:14:40 .

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We did not display it before Tails 3.8 (in line with the decision made on Feature #10436) but Tails 3.8 displays it. It should not.


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  • related to Bug #15693: Enigmail Wizard Setup shows up at every Tails session added

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  • related to Bug #12680: Persistent Thunderbird blocks future 0000tails.js prefs changes added

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I think we want to set extensions.enigmail.configuredVersion to the current version if, and only if, the Thunderbird profile was not initialized yet. This way, in theory:

  • when starting Thunderbird for the first time, the wizard won’t be displayed; I’ve claimed the opposite in commit:5a5cab28cd481be4cf71bd130a5241bc07400d0e so I’ll need to re-check what’s going on
  • once the user has started Thunderbird, Enigmail stores its current version number in the pref, so on following runs Enigmail will only display dialogs if it has a specific upgrade path (from the configuredVersion to the current version) that needs user interaction, which should only happen on upgrades and very rarely (my understanding of the code says that only the upgrade from < 1.7 triggers this currently; that was 4 years ago)
  • I see no code that can fire up the wizard upon upgrades so once we’ve fully disabled it on startup, the only ways for users to configure Enigmail will be to start the setup wizard themselves, just like before Tails 3.8

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Implemented, seems to work fine. It would be great if you could test it in various scenarios (persistent profile created with 3.8, persistent profile created on an ISO built from this branch, non-persistent profile), hence the higher time allocation than usual for a simple code change. But frankly I don’t think you’ll use all the budget.

#6 Updated by segfault 2018-08-14 14:20:31

Code review passes, now building an ISO to test it.

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Works as expected

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Thank you, merged!

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