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Cross-reference /support/known_issues and /support/faq

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End-user documentation

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Cody: Do you want to have a look?

This ticket was created before Feature #15130 but it’s really a part of the same effort.

I’m not explaining on each page what the page itself is about because it felt dumb. People will see that quickly from the table of content I think. I’m only explaining what other pages are about.

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Looks good. However, I have one nitpicky suggestion that can freely be disregarded:


Instead of “For more generic questions about Tails…” say, “For more general questions about Tails….”

“Generic” → “not unique.” For example, rebooting is a generic way to fix many computer problems.
“General” → “not specific.” For example, as a general rule, one should not assume that an unencrypted email cannot be read by others.

I think by definition, a FAQ contains unique questions; but might not contain the answer to a specific question.

Again, nitpicky. :-)

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Thanks for the fix. These are the things that are especially challenging for me as I’m not a native speaker.

I applied your fix and merged.