Bug #12280

Protect against CVE-2017-6074 in Tails 2.11

Added by intrigeri 2017-03-03 08:21:10 . Updated 2017-03-09 13:56:51 .

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It looks like upgrading to Linux 4.9 (Feature #12122) won’t be an option for 2.11, so we need another solution. anonym mentioned somewhere else that we could blacklist the corresponding module, or something similar.


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#2 Updated by anonym 2017-03-03 11:00:36

intrigeri wrote:
> anonym mentioned somewhere else that we could blacklist the corresponding module, or something similar.

You are referring to my comment Feature #6457#note-19. Indeed, blacklisting the dccp module is enough. It is normally mentioned among a few other modules to blacklist in various Linux hardening guides, e.g. CIS in the “4.6 Uncommon Network Protocols” chapter suggests this:

install dccp /bin/true
install sctp /bin/true
install rds /bin/true
install tipc /bin/true

So we might as well work on our CIS compliance and do all of that, as an initial step towards Feature #6457, and fixing this CVE in particular.

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There has been two successful test runs on Jenkins. Please review’n’merge!

#5 Updated by anonym 2017-03-04 12:40:33

Also, I locally tested successfully all of mac_spoofing.feature due to commit:442a293d896076a1a8242d8d4f3320dc016495bb.

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I’ve verified that none of the newly blacklisted modules appear in any WhisperBack report since the beginning of 2014 (Feature #6457#note-22). Code review passes, and based on your test results I’m gonna merge this branch. Thanks!

[Snipped discussion moved to Bug #12266]

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Ooops, sorry. Will move this discussion to Bug #12266 right now.

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