Feature #11759

Install & configure a fresh weblate on the VM

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While waiting to test other platforms against our requirements you proposed to install a fresh weblate on a new VM in order to continue to be able to translate with this while proposing to new contributors to write git hooks which could satisfy our plan.


Feature #10802: Investigate states of Weblate translations Resolved


Bug #10901: Repair Git repo on Weblate VM Resolved


Feature #12221: Install packages needed to build our website in tails::weblate Resolved


Feature #12223: Puppetize machine translation service on translate.lizard Resolved


Feature #15190: Cronjobs for translate.lizard are not running Resolved


Feature #15308: Cannot update database schemes in translate.lizard Resolved


Bug #15361: Implement automatic checking & correction of inconsistent strings in Weblate Resolved


Bug #15365: Check if voting mechanism in Weblate WRT validity of strings Resolved


Bug #15406: Backup Weblate configuration Resolved


Bug #15409: Configure addons in Weblate Resolved


Bug #15479: Clean up / document VCS used in weblate installation Resolved


Bug #15481: Weblate bash UTF8 broken Resolved


Bug #15620: Redirect weblate@translate.lizard email somewhere relevant Resolved


Bug #15624: Please install python-git, python3-git, python-pathlib on Weblate VM Resolved


Bug #15651: Make sure we push Weblate's Git repo to https://git-tails.immerda.ch/weblate/tails/ once a day Rejected


Bug #15679: update puppet-tails to have scripts in weblate vm Resolved


Feature #15721: Access to translate-server.git Resolved


Bug #15906: Frequent memory issues on translate.lizard Resolved


Feature #16065: Grant hefee ability to disable puppet Resolved


Bug #16106: Add hefee to list of recipients of cron mails of translation server Resolved


Bug #16109: Make suggestions-cronjob.sh work again Resolved


Bug #16115: Remove "u" from list of recipients of cron mails of translation server Resolved


Bug #16152: Default python version must remain 2.x even on translate.lizard Resolved


Feature #16225: merge hefee/dev/translation-server Resolved


Feature #16250: fixes for translations-server Resolved


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Has duplicate Tails - Feature #15074: Set up and configure the web interface of the translation platform Resolved 2018-03-01
Blocks Tails - Feature #12220: Set up monitoring for weblate Resolved 2017-02-11


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Don’t forget to configure the roles and commits as shown in Feature #11265

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  • blocks Feature #11762: Try to get the farsi translation back into shape added

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I did all I could on the reverse proxy side. https://translate.tails.boum.org/ is a thing. reverse proxy set up, with TLS cert. But Apache created an endless redirection loop (it redirected http to https, but it should not because we terminate TLS on the reverse proxy, and we already have such a redirection in place there), so I’ve fixed it. Also, I think that most the /var/lib/weblate paths in the apache config are wrong.

#7 Updated by intrigeri 2017-02-11 17:47:10

#8 Updated by intrigeri 2017-02-12 16:47:39

For the Apache ServerAdmin setting: we need a single email address that points to the admins. Get a mailing list or an alias for the admin team?

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> Assignee changed from emmapeel to intrigeri

Oops, I don’t understand what’s expected from me here.

From my point of view, the only task that’s been assigned to me on this project is “2.1. Create and configure a VM”, with 0 days, because I did that already: that’s #10180. My understanding is that this very ticket is rather about “2.2. Set up and configure the web interface”, which is on emmapeel’s plate. I’m happy to keep Puppet’izing whatever emmapeel needs for the basic Weblate setup, but for the moment I’m waiting for info I’ve requested a while ago on this ticket and some other related ones.

Now, if things look different from your point of view, please help me understand what work I’m supposed to do :)

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I am simply doing some cleaning, and wanted to unparent, then close this ticket :) But you’re too fast for me!

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I have been adding some subtasks to this issue for a while, so i decided to open it again, as the original install is not finished yet from my POV.

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