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FAQ: Add sentence about Tails on handheld devices

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We get the question a lot. We should edit https://tails.boum.org/doc/about/requirements to make a note specifying that

Tails doesn't work on smartphones and tables yet. 

On the FAQ:

Does Tails work on smartphones or tablets?

Not yet. Tails requires an x86 compatible processor: While Mac computers are IBM PC compatible since 2006, most smartphones and tablets contain ARM processors. But we are working on it!"

and then link to Feature #6064 ticket and blueprint.


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i have added two small bits to the requirements page and to the faq. i think the it was already pretty clear, but i’ve extended the wording a bit and added a link to the ticket.

i’ve pushed a branch to http://0xacab.org/muri/tails, branch 9643-handheld-devices

assigning to sajolida, as the technical writer, but no hurry i guess, as the change is really small.

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Cool! I added a bunch of very minor improvements with 9de758261c..bcf2f61b68 and I’m pusshing.