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Add a merge step to our Jenkins ISO build process

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In our automatic builds specs, we designed that we wanted the build of feature branches to be done after it has been merged locally in their base branch.

We still need to implement this, as at the moment we only build from the feature branch.

This will probably mean modifying our vagrant/provision/assets/build-tails script.



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We’ll probably need to use some of the auto/scripts/tails-custom-apt-sources functions in the vagrant/provision/assets/build-tails script, namely base_branch and friends.

To avoid code duplication we should put this functions in a separate shell lib.

I guess the best place is in the lib/ folder of the Tails repo, where the pythonlib already lay.

We should create a lib/shell folder in the Tails git repo, but is it required to create a dedicated submodule as the pythonlib? Or should we wait until it grows?

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I’m confused: it seems that what you’re asking for was done a few months ago, see e.g. commit:b0fbe52. What’s missing exactly?

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Awesome! I haven’t seen it because I only thought to have a look to the build-tails script, and not the auto/build one.

So nothing is missing, closing this ticket then, thx.

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