Bug #9534

Tighten AppArmor policy

Added by intrigeri 2015-06-04 16:05:39 . Updated 2019-03-07 15:48:53 .

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The results of our self-audit (Feature #8007) have lead to some fixes. Some are mostly ready in the topic branch, some need more thought and thus have dedicated subtasks.


Bug #9533: Tighten Evince AppArmor policy Rejected


Bug #9756: Tighten AppArmor policy, phase 1 Resolved


Bug #10462: Automatically test our AppArmor policy vs. hard links Rejected


Bug #10463: Mention the hardlinks topic in our AppArmor design doc Rejected


Bug #10836: Investigate why the Tor Browser AppArmor profile allows starting Totem Resolved


Bug #11578: Totem AppArmor profile allows opening OTR private key Resolved


Feature #12125: Mount a tmpfs on /var/tmp, to mitigate the hardlinks permissions open by the user-tmp AppArmor abstraction Resolved


Related issues

Related to Tails - Feature #8007: Self-audit our AppArmor profiles Resolved
Related to Tails - Feature #6178: Evaluate current state of Linux namespaces Rejected 2013-07-20
Related to Tails - Feature #10422: Grant Tor Browser access to files as designated by the user Confirmed 2018-08-30


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Let’s stabilize a subset of this (Bug #9756 and subtasks) and postpone the rest.

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I’m less and less convinced that it’s the way to go: IMO our current AppArmor policy is close to achieve about the right balance between increasing safety, not being a PITA to maintain, and not affecting UX too negatively. For apps we would like to confine in a stricter way, I think AppArmor shall be complemented with other sandboxing technologies, such as Linux namespaces, as done by things like oz, snap, flatpak and various other sandboxing wrappers. So I would like us to take a step back and think about our goals here before I spend substantial time on this again.

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Let’s reevaluate this ticket in ~1 year then.

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  • related to Feature #10422: Grant Tor Browser access to files as designated by the user added

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The most important bits were done years ago. I’ve unparented the remaining ones.