Feature #9489

Implement packages importing and freezing

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This includes:

  1. design, implement and document centralization and merging of the list of needed packages (e.g. topic branches can pull more packages in), if we decide to import only a subset of the Debian suites we’re interested in
  2. set up and configure the chosen tools
  3. do a first import
  4. make it easy or automated to import foreign packages and freeze APT suites, whenever relevant during the dev and release cycle
  5. update build process accordingly
  6. update release process documentation accordingly

Subtasks will follow when we start working on it.


Feature #6296: Configure reprepro to pull from foreign APT repositories Resolved


Feature #6299: Regularly pull packages from foreign APT repositories Resolved


Feature #6297: Save list of packages used at ISO build time Duplicate


Feature #6303: Adapt our infrastructure to be able to handle tons of packages Resolved


Feature #10748: Generate a manifest of packages used at build time Resolved


Feature #10749: Create partial APT snapshot from a build manifest and a set of time-based snapshots Resolved


Feature #11444: Write contributors doc for the freezable APT repository Resolved


Feature #11446: Document freeze exceptions workflow for the freezable APT repository Resolved



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Remaining bits are listed on https://tails.boum.org/blueprint/freezable_APT_repository/#todo, everything else is ready IMO, so let’s please review this, and we’ll discuss during our meeting today what else is blocking the merge.

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To get some more exposure of this before the 2.4 freeze I decided to merge this early, despite some minor comments/suggestions/improvements. See the review-feature/5926-freezable-APT-repository branch on my repo git.tails.boum.org:anonym/tails. The “XXX” commits just adds comments, that you can clarify here if needed; the other commits are suggested fixes/improvements that you can cherry-pick straight into devel, if you agree.

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I’ve reviewed and merged your changes, and addressed with commit:cfe8f10 and commit:b034cb8 the few XXX you had added, so we’re done here! I can’t close this ticket since it has a few remaining subtasks though.

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We’re done here! Many thanks to anonym & bertagaz for the quick & high quality reviews :)

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