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This was meant to be part of Feature #5316, but Feature #5316 will likely not be ready in time for 1.4, so let’s work on this here.

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BitingBird: can you review this in time for 1.4 as this is a new application?

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I’d replace occurrences of “back up” with “backup” everywhere, as you currently use both. Also replace “command line” with “command-line” (wp uses https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Command-line_interface).

I don’t like the sentence in wiki/src/doc/about/features.mdwn : I’d replace “* [Paperkey](”$“:http://www.jabberwocky.com/software/paperkey/) to back up OpenPGP secret keys on paper (command line)” with “* [Paperkey](”$“:http://www.jabberwocky.com/software/paperkey/), a command-line tool to backup OpenPGP secret keys on paper”

Maybe “OpenPGP” could be a link to the seahorse page, once it’s merged?

You use both paperkey and paperkey - does it look the same once the wiki syntax applies?

Otherwise, looks good :)

#9 Updated by sajolida 2015-05-11 11:51:10

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  • “Backup” is the noun, and “back up” is the verb. See all the style guides I pointed you to.
  • We’ve been using “command line” (without hyphen) as in GDSG quite consistenly in the rest of the doc so I’ll stick to that.
  • I rewrote the entry in /doc/about/features to remove the parenthesis and so did the same for keyringer.
  • *paperkey* and <span class="application"> produce the same result. I’ve been lazy at using the markup lately, but yes, we should do that at least in /doc.
  • I couldn’t merge the Seahorse documentation in time.

So we’re done!

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