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What do we do for people coming from search engines inside the assistant

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If we do nothing special, people could crash on random pages in the Tails Installer Assistant. At some point it could be problematic, for example someone using firefox on a tablet comes in the “Linux/Install Tails Downloader” extension. A user starting at the begining of the assistant would have been routed to a specific path (no scenario for you, sorry).

We could :

- unindex all the internal pages of the assistant. We don’t have this probleme anymore, but we have an other problem : maybe we could like to have some of this pages indexed to get have some traffic.
- have some warning or reminders in some pages. In wich page ?


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Blocks Tails - Feature #15392: Core work 2018Q2 → 2018Q3: User experience Resolved 2018-03-09


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I think that:

  • The pages from inside the route shouldn’t be indexed by search engines (and if they are it’s probably no big deal).
  • The overviews and steps can be indexed with no problem as they are supposed to make it clear what we are doing and where we are.
  • The overview should make it clear which scenario has been selected.
  • The steps should have a reminder of the scenario.

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The web assistant is different from the ISO verification extension. We probably miss an “affected tool” for it. I’ll ask tails-sysadmins.

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oops sorry

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Let’s say this is a bonus and not a blocker for the first release.

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Here is a branch!


Ulrike: Same as Feature #15114#note-3. I think this is core UX.

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Applied in changeset commit:be7f91b823a6207f3038b13625a3105e98cb8288.

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LGTM. Merged into master.