Feature #9174

Migrate our blueprints out of tails.git and tails.boum.org

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We want to migrate our blueprints out of our main website and in their own ikiwiki. This will allow us to:

  • Be able to push more documents to our blueprints (images, office documents, etc.) without polluting our main repo.
  • Lock down all web editing on our main website.
  • Allow more people to push changes through Git.
  • Host our website on servers that we don’t trust to push to tails.git; ideally, N>1 servers to better resist DDoS (e.g. Tor’s pool of static webservers)

See https://mailman.boum.org/pipermail/tails-dev/2015-March/008517.html

Our main options are:

Benefits of using the GitLab wiki:

  • We can link to issues, MRs, commits, etc. using the GitLab link syntax
  • Links to issues and MRs are automatically annotated by GitLab with “(closed)”
  • We can manage access control with the same tools/workflow/policy as our other GitLab stuff
  • Arguably nicer user interface for editing pages
  • More powerful flavor of Markdown
  • Probably closer to what new contributors would expect / are used to

Benefits of using ikiwiki:

  • Historical contributors are used to it (whether they like it or not, is another matter, but at least they don’t have to learn anything new)
  • Content drafted on a blueprint can be seamlessly moved to our design doc (it does not rely on GitLab-specific syntax or features)


Feature #9175: Create a Git repo with only the history and content of /blueprint Resolved


Feature #9176: Remove /blueprint from our main repo Confirmed


Feature #9178: Create a master repo for blueprints.tails.boum.org Confirmed


Feature #9179: Propose an ikiwiki configuration for blueprints.tails.boum.org Confirmed


Feature #9180: Redirect all the links to tails.boum.org/blueprint to blueprints.tails.boum.org Confirmed


Feature #9181: Deploy blueprints.tails.boum.org Confirmed


Feature #9182: Document blueprints.tails.boum.org Confirmed


Related issues

Related to Tails - Feature #15878: Switch to GitLab In Progress 2018-08-30
Blocked by Tails - Feature #14588: Self-host our website Resolved 2018-10-03


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(My understanding is that sajolida will coordinate this project and ensure it’s lead to completion.)

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This project hasn’t moved in the last 3 months and is currently blocked by tais-sysadmins following up on “staging and blueprint”. I want to clear it from my view, so I’ll design this from me though I’d be happy to work on this again once the whole thing gets unblocked.

#4 Updated by intrigeri 2015-12-15 12:51:23

So apparently the current apparent blockers are:

  • Tails sysadmins’ availability to help design how the service could work;
  • stuff not happening at boum.org.

I don’t think it’s realistic to make plans based on the assumption that this situation will change any time soon. Sorry if I’ve personally contributed to create false hopes. Anyway, here we are, and based on this I suggest that people who want to lead this to completion and have time to do it themselves could stop blocking on it, and instead look into other hosting options for this ikiwiki, see Feature #9183#note-5.

Just my 2 cts :)

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I’ll have a look.

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Do we still want this @sajolida?

#7 Updated by intrigeri 2018-01-19 16:27:09

FWIW: I think it’ll be vastly easier to do that once we self-host our website, which is now on the roadmap.

#8 Updated by sajolida 2018-01-21 12:44:10

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Let’s say we’re waiting for Feature #14588, then :)

It would also allow us to completely lock our official website for edition and avoid having to deal with spam on it. We might still have to deal with spam on blueprints.tails.boum.org.

I already have proof-of-concept Git commands to rewrite the main Git repo to keep only blueprints (haven’t played with it in ~3 years):

    git remote | while read remote ; do git remote rm $remote ; done
    git branch | grep -v "\smaster" | while read branch ; do git branch -D $branch ; done
    git tag | while read tag ; do git tag -d $tag ; done
    git filter-branch --subdirectory-filter wiki/src/blueprint -- --all
    git update-ref -d refs/original/refs/heads/master
    git reflog expire --expire=now --all
    git gc --aggressive --prune=now

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I don’t want to have this on my plate anymore.

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(Dump a few pros/cons for “dedicated ikiwiki” vs. “GitLab wiki”.)