Bug #9067

Tor Launcher is not killed properly in 60-tor-ready-notification.sh

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Tor configuration
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Tor Launcher
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We start Tor Launcher with -app but pgrep/@pkill@ for --app, so it will never be killed. Also, Tor Launcher is started with firefox-unconfined nowadays (regression since we introduced AppArmor for the Tor Browser), so it’s doubly broken.

Also 60-tor-ready-notification.sh is a poor name since we do more stuff in that hook. 60-tor-ready.sh is better.



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To test:

  • Boot without network and in bridge mode
  • Set a very incorrect time (10+ years or something)
  • Plug network, input bridges into Tor Launcher
  • Verify that Tor Launcher is killed once the “Tor is ready” notification is shown

If you are lazy, you can run the Clock way in the past in bridge mode scenario in time_syncing.feature and monitor it carefully (or capture a video).

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Yup! I was (and is, to some extent) confused when setting the fields for this ticket! :)

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Breaks the build according to Jenkins: xgettext: error while opening "./../tmp/pot/60-tor-ready-notification.sh.pot" for reading: No such file or directory.

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intrigeri wrote:
> Breaks the build according to Jenkins: xgettext: error while opening "./../tmp/pot/60-tor-ready-notification.sh.pot" for reading: No such file or directory.

Fixed now.

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