Feature #8927

Replicate Vidalia's ability to close arbitrary circuits

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User interface design

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Onion Circuits
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The main goal is to enable users to debug potentially buggy or malicious exit nodes. For example, you get an unexpected HTTPS or SSH warning, write down the info about your exit node, and close that circuit to get a fresh one and confirm your suspicions.

  • For HTTPS, one can already use Torbutton’s New Identity feature to achieve the same result. IIRC the upcoming Torbutton’s per-tab circuits viewer will have a “New circuit for this tab” feature, that will make it even better.
  • For other kinds of connections (ssh, imaps, pop3s, etc.) then there are two ways:
    • either using arm to trigger a New Identity, which is not that crazy: close the software that initiated the connection, open a root terminal (which may be a blocker in itself), run “arm”, type “m”, “down arrow” then “enter”
    • or restarting Tor, e.g. by disconnecting and reconnecting from the network using the NM applet

Also, it would be good if arm directly allowed to close one arbitrary circuit: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/14979.


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Another use case would be to try to get pass connection failures on chat servers or websites which might ban an IP but not all exit nodes. Like OFTC does for me lately…

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> Another use case would be to try to get pass connection failures on chat servers or websites which might ban an IP but not all exit nodes. Like OFTC does for me lately…

Right! Please mention this on the upstream ticket :)

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FTR, I’ve now accepted that Feature #9001 is not going to block Feature #6841, and will likely never happen, so it cannot reasonably block anything. Sorry it took me so long to do this move. And apparently I was the only one insisting on having Feature #9001, which was the only blocker to implement what this ticket is about in Onion Circuits (as opposed as implementing it in Nyx). So let’s implement it in Onion Circuits, right?

So I have a few questions.


  • do you want to implement this feature? Any ETA?
  • how long do you think it would take me to do it? I wonder if I could do this in the next few days, perhaps.

sajolida: do you feel that this is a blocker for Feature #6841? See the ticket description for how users could do this outside of Onion Circuits, until Onion Circuits supports this feature. Sorry if we already have had this discussion and I’m rehashing it, I don’t mean to insist endlessly (the ML discussion was not summed up in the end, and I won’t re-read it now). Let’s keep in mind, though, that removing Vidalia might partly or entirely fix Bug #10576, so one needs to balance the drawbacks of (temporarily) losing this feature (for those who use it) against the corresponding potential advantages (for everyone). As you have guessed, I’m personally not convinced we should block on this, especially if not blocking on it allows us to fix Feature #6841 in 2.2 instead of 3 months later in 2.4, but I don’t care that much and can live with blocking on it.

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sajolida says “i don’t have the whole story in mind but moving on with Onion Circuits without Feature #8927 as a first step looks good” => unparenting so that it doesn’t block Feature #6841 anymore. We’ll see how users react.

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Maybe when doing things like this (removing features that people might or not miss) we should explicitely ask for feedback in the release notes.

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  • related to Feature #9001: Onion Circuits should connect via the Tor control port filter added

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  • related to Bug #11214: Vidalia replacement: Users miss 'close circuits' feature added

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Alan is OK to review the code someone else will have implemented after the UI has been designed.

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Next step is to propose a UI design but I don’t want to have this on my plate right now.

It could probably be an “Easy” task for some new contributor wanting to do som UI design.

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  • Subject changed from Replace Vidalia's ability to close arbitrary circuits to Replicate Vidalia's ability to close arbitrary circuits