Feature #8788

Automatically test the "Tails documentation" link on the Desktop

Added by intrigeri 2015-01-24 08:39:42 . Updated 2019-09-30 08:05:43 .

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The “Tails documentation” desktop launcher should open the “Documentation” page:

  • in English (already tested both online & offline)
  • in one language to which the website is translated
  • in one language to which the website is not translated (=> English)


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Blocked by Tails - Bug #16976: Run Dogtail using Python 3 Resolved


#1 Updated by intrigeri 2015-02-05 18:38:15

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I’ve got a test in English in feature/5525-sandbox-web-browser. Not enough to close this ticket, though.

#2 Updated by intrigeri 2015-05-14 10:12:47

We have such tests (both in English and German) for the “Report an Error” launcher, so this should be pretty easy now, right?

#3 Updated by anonym 2015-09-21 04:28:01

  • Assignee set to kytv
  • QA Check set to Info Needed

kytv, would you like to extend the current test to do this? Should be really simple; whatever language you pick would need test suite images that can be symlinked to the English ones.

#4 Updated by anonym 2015-09-26 07:34:29

#5 Updated by kytv 2015-12-10 07:33:50

  • Target version changed from Sustainability_M1 to Tails_2.2
  • QA Check changed from Info Needed to Dev Needed

Sorry, missed this somehow. Yes, I can do this.

(I set it to 2.2 but that’s just to show that other things are at a higher priority. I’ll probably get this done by the 2.0 cut-off in January.)

#6 Updated by anonym 2016-03-29 18:13:37

  • Target version changed from Tails_2.2 to Tails_2.3

#7 Updated by anonym 2016-05-08 05:10:28

  • Target version changed from Tails_2.3 to Tails_2.4

#8 Updated by anonym 2016-06-08 01:34:58

  • Target version changed from Tails_2.4 to Tails_2.5

#9 Updated by BitingBird 2016-07-01 11:29:06

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no news from kytv -> removing assignee and target version

#10 Updated by spriver 2017-05-30 10:57:30

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  • Feature Branch set to spriver:feature/8788-automatically-test-tails-doc-shortcut

Currently it’s not possible to test the header in Firefox due to Feature #12185 (error while running the test will be: RuntimeError: The Dogtail script raised: UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xe2 in position 23: ordinal not in range(128), anonym tested this with a newer Dogtail release and it worked).

Nevertheless, once Dogtail’s updated this test should work then.

#11 Updated by spriver 2017-05-30 11:04:05

  • blocked by Feature #12185: Update Debian package to run Dogtail using Python 3 added

#12 Updated by spriver 2017-05-30 15:00:34

Please note that the step And I log in to a new session in German will be split in two seperated ones in Feature #10261 (using And I set the language to "German" in the Greeter and And I log in to a new session) .

#13 Updated by intrigeri 2018-08-14 06:06:09

  • Description updated

#14 Updated by intrigeri 2019-08-13 07:23:09

  • blocked by Bug #16976: Run Dogtail using Python 3 added

#15 Updated by intrigeri 2019-08-13 07:28:36

  • blocks deleted (Feature #12185: Update Debian package to run Dogtail using Python 3)

#16 Updated by intrigeri 2019-08-29 12:11:18

Good news! The blocker (Bug #16876) is solved on our devel branch.

#17 Updated by intrigeri 2019-08-29 12:12:07

I meant Bug #16976.

#18 Updated by intrigeri 2019-09-30 08:05:43

  • Assignee deleted (spriver)

(I’ve discussed this with spriver out-of-band. Conclusion: anyone should feel free to take this ticket if they’d like to.)