Feature #8701

Write a regression test for the Unsafe Browser starting in various languages

Added by intrigeri 2015-01-14 16:36:46 . Updated 2015-02-24 22:44:21 .

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Unsafe Browser
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See Bug #8693 => we should test it in all cases: locales that have a corresponding language pack with a short locale string, fallback on langpack for locale that starts the same, etc. See the guess_best_tor_browser_locale, and especially the changes introduced to fix Bug #8693, for the details.

I think it’s probably too much work to implement this test by logging in using various languages: we would need to make many screenshots locale-dependent. We’ll come to it at some point, but for now IMO testing by setting locales manually in the terminal before starting the Unsafe Browser will be good enough.



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I think these changes satisfy the intent of this ticket.

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Here’s an initial review:

> +Then /^I start the Unsafe Browser in the "([^"]+)" locale$/ do |loc|

The already existing “I start the Unsafe Browser” step is a prefix of this step, so please move this step definition next to it in unsafe_browser.rb.

> + next if skip_steps_while_restoring_background@
> + step "I run \"LANG=#{loc}.UTF-8 LC_ALL=#{loc}.UTF-8 sudo unsafe-browser\" in GNOME Terminal"

Please fix the indentation, including the next lines!

> + screen.wait(‘Question.png’, 30)@
> + screen.type(Sikuli::Key.ESC)@

You forgot to git add features/images/Question.png. However, “Question.png” is a poor name, and also it already exists as features/images/UnsafeBrowserStartVerification.png. Please try to follow that naming convention in the future so we can keep our images more organized.

However, the “I see and accept the Unsafe Browser start verification” already deals with the start verification, so please use it instead of these two lines. Less code duplication and all that, you know. :)

> + screen.wait(“UnsafeBrowserHomepage.png”, 120)@

Similarly, here you should instead call the already existing “the Unsafe Browser has started” step.

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Fixed up, rebased against the current devel, and force pushed.

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