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Greeter revamp: Decide if we want to keep the wording "Quick setup"

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Amongst the two alternative paths in the Greeter (“Assistant” and “Advanced”) we found it interesting to point out the fact that the “Advanced” path is quick if you know what you’re doing. That’s why we called it “Quick setup”, while the other path is called “Discover”.

But several people already pointed out that “Quick” might also look like an appropriate option for newcomers looking for a “quick” way of getting started. And maybe we should rather insist on the fact that this is for advanced users. Then they’ll know by experience that this goes faster for them.

The icon of the rocket is still a quick good metaphor: it goes fast but you need to know what you’re doing!

So I propose to rename this button as something else:

  • “EXPERT, Advanced configuration”
  • “EXPERT MODE, Advanced configuration”
  • “ADVANCED; Quick configuration”

Any other idea?

From the feedback from experts:

  • Paradox of “advanced” and “quick”. quick means “simple” but it’s for the “advanced” users [rewording : basic/advanced]



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I think I prefer “EXPERT MODE, Advanced configuration”. I add that to the next meeting, to get more opinions.

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Please look at https://tails.boum.org/blueprint/greeter_revamp_UI/design_rationale_phase1/ for a proposal by Spencerone and me that address this issue by proposing a “Check and go” screen and thus making this wording pointless. This proposal now needs to be tested (Feature #8238)

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