Feature #8232

Persistent assistant in Greeter

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User interface design

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Welcome Screen
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Once we have a solid base for the new Greeter, more configuration that is currently done from inside Tails, could be proposed from the Greeter directly:

  • Persistence configuration
  • Tor configuration: Tor Launcher


Feature #8975: Allow configuring the persistent storage from Tails Greeter Confirmed


Feature #12379: Allow creating the persistent storage from Tails Greeter Confirmed


Feature #15586: Instruct about the possibility of creating a persistent storage when there is none Confirmed



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The current subtasks correspond to moving the Persistence creation and configuration inside Tails Greeter.

Another possible design would be to:

  1. Instruct about Persistence in Tails Greeter, with an option to create Persistence when the desktop starts.
  2. Open the Persistence assistant as soon as the desktop starts.

I guess that this would save us from most of the coding and design work.

By moving the Persistence configuration inside Tails Greeter we might also save users to reboot after creation or enabling new features. But Feature #11529 might save us from this.

Another advantage to keeping the Persistence settings in the desktop is that it’s a better place than Tails Greeter for people who realize that they want to activate more features.

Keeping the Persistence settings in both places might be more work and confusing as well, unless both interfaces are exactly the same.

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