Bug #8152

I2P browser doesn't start after incremental upgrade to Tails 1.2

Added by goupille 2014-10-17 09:06:52 . Updated 2014-12-03 19:40:31 .

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when lauching the i2p browser, the warning show up but multiple users waited more thant 30 minutesand the i2p browser didn’t start. I found that in the logs (.xsession-errors):

Everything is Ok
unzip: cannot find or open /var/lib/i2p-browser/chroot//usr/local/lib/tor-browser/browser/omni.ja, /var/lib/i2p-browser/chroot//usr/local/lib/tor-browser/browser/omni.ja.zip or /var/lib/i2p-browser/chroot//usr/local/lib/tor-browser/browser/omni.ja.ZIP.
sed: can’t read /tmp/tmp.vJsqnaMTPH/chrome/en-US/locale/branding/brand.dtd: No such file or directory



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Related to Tails - Bug #8158: Unsafe Browser does not start Resolved 2014-10-19


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kytv, may you please have a look? Assuming it worked back when anonym merged your work for 1.2, I guess it was caused by one of last changes for the migration to TBB / FF31.

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anonym, I guess the explanation on Bug #8158 applies here too. There’s a patch there.

#5 Updated by sanic 2014-10-20 09:23:34

Here’s a fix for the I2P browser problem, which has the same cause as Bug #8158.

#6 Updated by sanic 2014-10-20 12:03:21

Updated patch, confirmed working on my computer. The patch is identical to the final one for Bug #8158 except for referencing i2p-browser instead of unsafe-browser.

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The patch needed some love. Please review’n’merge!

(BTW, my test in Bug #8158–13 also verified that the I2P Browser works after incremental upgrades.)

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