Feature #8048

Update encrypted volumes creation documentation to Jessie's GNOME Disks

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Disks now creates a LUKS+Ext4 volume with one widget.



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Thanks for working on this! Your draft was good but this page was one of the first ones that we wrote in the Tails documentation and so I couldn’t refrain myself from reworking it a “bit” more. Again don’t be discouraged by the diff, as the work you did was surely valuable and helped me build on top of it.

I also removed a bunch of screenshots. I hope you don’t mind :)

So please review doc/8048-encrypted-volumes.

PS: I’ve been very busy preparing the release of the installation assistant these days, and 2.0 is coming up tomorrow so I’ll most likely won’t have time to review all the rest of your work. But I’ll still keep it quite on top of my list in the days after 2.0 as I don’t want this upgrade to last forever.

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Thanks for reviewing and for all the good changes. I haven’t found anything to change, we can merge! (:

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