Feature #7712

Automatically test hostname leaks

Added by intrigeri 2014-08-01 10:35:28 . Updated 2014-09-02 05:15:56 .

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It would be good to at least detect hostname leaks caused by the DHCP client, to catch regressions such as Bug #7688 earlier. Presumably, our existing test suite infrastructure that can capture all network traffic and inspect it could be reused here.

(We now have a step to check this as part of our manual test suite, but adding more and more pain there is no real solution.)


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Related to Tails - Bug #7688: DHCP client leaks hostname "amnesia" Resolved 2014-08-10


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I’m on it, in the hope it can save me from doing too much manual testing of Bug #7688. We’ll see if I manage to get it done soon enough.

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Done, the new “dhcp” feature works fine: fails on 1.1, passes with current experimental (that has bugfix/7688-no-dhcp-send-hostname merged in).

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I’m only testing the default eth0 DCHP connection, but other kinds of connections could possibly behave differently. I’ll try to test those too.

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I don’t see who else that anonym can review this.

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