Bug #7370

Tell the user that isohybrid modifies the ISO image

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At least on “Manual installation using Linux”, we tell users to run isohybrid on a Tails ISO image. So far, so good.

This modifies the ISO image, which is a problem if one tries to later verify its OpenPGP signature, or to share it e.g. via BitTorrent.

How about quickly telling the user that isohybrid modifies the ISO image? Most users won’t draw conclusions out of it (and they probably should not anyway), but those who have the skills to do more advanced things with it will be hinted that they should first backup the ISO file.

OTOH, mentioning this would make the installation doc more complex, which might not be worth it. What do others think?


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Yes, I’ve seen bug reports about that several times already. This page
is already a bit more technical than the others anyway, so mentioning
that will not really change the overall complexity of it.

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