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Persistence preset: default sound card

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In order to ease the use of the right audio card, we could have a specific persistence preset, for users not to have to either redo it manually each time they boot, or do too geeky things.


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the “Alternative method”:
in the “Set the default sound card” section of the ArchWiki’s page
about ALSA. This has worked reliably, especially combined with
Dotfiles to mae ~/.asoundrc persistent, through the 2 or 3 user
support cases I took care of.

Note that things may differ once we’re on Wheezy. IIRC, on Wheezy,
audio output is routed via PulseAudio (that itself speaks to ALSA) by
default, that might pick a different default output device, and ask
ALSA to use that one. I expect 1. we’ll see regressions (people who
have their preferred output picked by default in 1.0, but not in 1.1);
2. we won’t hear about improvements (people who had their
non-preferred output picked by default in 1.0, but the “right” one in

With PulseAudio, I believe one can choose the default output device
graphically. Not sure we install the needed package(s) to do this in
the devel branch. I expect one can make this persistent via
~/.config/pulse/client.conf (not sure if the whole directory can
safely be made persistent, given it contains the PulseAudio cookie;
maybe dotfiles are in order).

I’m not sure if the best way to address this on Wheezy is to configure
PulseAudio, and make its configuration persistent, or to configure
ALSA, and make its configuration persistent.

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