Feature #6300

Framework to set up throw-away services for the test suite

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Have a way to start-stop services like FTP, HTTP, IMAP, POP and SMTP, and make them available to the test suite.



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I actually think that this whole approach should be reconsidered. I’m not sure it will be so simple to setup a suitable service on the tester host that would fulfill the needs we have, i.e. being open on the open internet (so it can be accessed through Tor) which will be complicated when behind a firewall.

An alternative solution would be to solve this general issue through Feature #6301; you can find an example for how that would work for the Git feature in the description of Feature #8188. The downside of this approach would be that running these tests requires manually setting up e.g. Git and SSH servers themselves. We would set up that in our infrastructure and share the secrets among ourselves, but it’d increase the barrier for non-“core” people to run the test suite.

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Rejected in favour or what’s described in Feature #6301#note-8.

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