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Wait for Torbirdy patches design documentation

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wait for the design documentation for Torbirdy patches (Feature #6150) (asked on 2013-01-29 in <8538xk1i8q.fsf@boum.org>).


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Some explanation for these patches was posted on upstream bug tracker. See parent ticket.

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may you please modify the link in the description so that i can access it?


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> may you please modify the link in the description so that i can access it?

This is the <8538xk1i8q.fsfboum.org>@ email Message-Id. Apparently the importation to Redmine entity-encoded bits of it. My preferred web search engine points me to https://www.mail-archive.com/tails-dev@boum.org/msg02504.html. Good enough for your needs?

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Great, thanks!

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There is no real design documentation.

Simply requirements and notes from tagnaq’s paper.

Problems identified in Thunderbird which Torbirdy seeks to address

  • Thunderbird discloses machine specific clock information (section 3.5.3 and 3.5.4)
  • Thunderbird may discloses the underlying OS (section 3.5.6)
  • Thunderbird requests a website in cleartext at startup, disclosing its version, OS, language and buildid (section 3.6.1)
  • Thunderbird stores and submits an identifying HTTP cookie with a lifetime of five years to Mozilla (section
  • Thunderbird discloses the email address in cleartext to the exit node and the network (section 3.6.5)
  • Thunderbird retrieves mail server configurations from a remote server over an insecure channel (section 3.6.5)
  • Thunderbird leaks DNS requests and TCP connections (section 3.6.5)
  • Enigmail leaks DNS requests (section 3.6.6)
  • Enigmail may disclose all keyIDs in the keyring to the exit node and the network (section 3.6.6)
  • Thunderbird may disclose local paths to the IMAP server (section 4.1.4)
  • Thunderbird insecurely handles certain mail header and opens the browser without the user’s consent (section 4.1.4)
  • an attacker might be able to determine Thunderbird’s approximate version (section 4.1.6)

How Torbirdy seeks to address these problems


  • remove possibility to load website at startup including “whatsnew” page (3.6.1)
  • replace autoconfiguration with manual configuration (3.6.5)
  • boundary string without prefix in any case (3.5.6)
  • stripe Mozilla specific header from incoming mails (4.1.4)
  • intercept any call to open an external application (4.2.1)
  • implement per account proxy settings including a global proxy for non-mail traffic (4.2.2)
  • implement time-offset fingerprint prevention (4.2.3) > partly accepted, partly pending upstream patch

Configuration options

All options are enabled by default.

  • “make ’connection security’ mandatory”
  • “use common fingerprint” (4.2.4)
  • “HSTS state reset on shutdown”
  • “ignore MDN requests silently”
  • “disable HTML parsing”
  • “do not display attachments inline”
  • “make URLs in emails not clickable”
  • “display warning when setting up an IMAP account”
  • “display warning if multiple accounts share the same proxy”
  • “display warning when adding attachment”

The Torbirdy developers ask that “somebody” checks the code against these requirements.

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I think this ticket can be closed now. The 2 patches there were to be merged upstream have been and I doubt that anybody will write any more design documentation. As said by Sukhbir on tails-icedove@, they did not take any notes about it and would need a code review at some point.

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