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Distribute source

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We need to distribute the source of what we ship inside Tails binary images, which basically means:

  • the source for included Debian packages
  • the source for Debian packages that are used at build-time to compile binary files, but not shipped inside the chroot (e.g. some -dkms packages, probably)



  1. offer to provide source upon request (Feature #5681)
  2. On the long run, we probably want something better. We must decide what path we choose.
    1. research ways to distribute source (Feature #5548)


Feature #5548: Research ways to distribute source Resolved


Feature #5681: Offer to provide the source of packages included in Tails upon request Resolved


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Once 2.4 is out, we will be distributing the source code of Debian packages we ship (e.g. http://tagged.snapshots.deb.tails.boum.org/2.4-rc1/) so everything that’ll left to do is to document this. I’ll do that!

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Actually, this seems to be a duplicate of Feature #6310 + Feature #6311.