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Save more disk space at build time

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The following can only be implemented once we switch to live-build 3.x (Feature #5691). So let’s wait.

switch to live-build hooks

live-build 3.x ships a few interesting space-saving hooks in share/hooks, such as one that removes GNOME icon cache, another one that removes compiled Python .pyc files, and one that removes /tmp/* at the end of the chroot_local-hooks stage.

Once we use this version of live-build, we can remove our own implementation of this from config/chroot_local-hooks/98-remove_unwanted_files.

files only needed at build time

We’re currently using chroot_local-includes as a way to pass files from the build host to the build chroot. As a result, released images contain many files (mostly in /usr/) that are needed at build time but useless at runtime.

live-build 3.x bind mounts (read-only) the build configuration directory (config) inside the chroot (onto /root/config) while the chroot hooks are running.



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This ticket was about 1. using l-b 3.x’s facilities instead of our own ones; 2. a few ideas to make the ISO/IMG a tiny bit smaller. I think it’s not worth it.