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Document timezone

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Document why Tails displays UTC timezone. Users are confused.


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There is now a draft in the blueprint for the FAQ.

#4 Updated by BitingBird 2014-03-31 17:57:17

Looks good to me.

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sajolida is not the one who’ll do his own QA, so i remove him as assignee - should somebody else be or is it ok to let blank?

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BitingBird wrote:
> sajolida is not the one who’ll do his own QA

I believe that leaving himself as the assignee means that sajolida is the one who has to do the next action, that is: sending a merge request for this, as part of the broader FAQ merge request. I don’t think we should lose this information. (And the “Ready for QA” value means “I’m done with this, no writing work needed anymore here”, which is useful when looking at one’s own tickets.)

I’m also doing the same (leaving assigned to me, ready for QA) in similar situations. I find it a bit weird too, and I would not mind moving to another, better workflow, if someone proposes one :) It’s just that I was not able to find one myself.

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Done, see https://tails.boum.org/support/faq#timezone.