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Deactivate screensaver until time is set

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If the system clock is off (being late), when the time is set properly from the network, the screen is blanked. As it happens during the boot process, this is a little bit sudden and frightening. Moving the mouse gets the display back, but sill, it would be best to be avoided.

As Tais does not ship gnome-screensaver it is probably X.org that does the blanking. One should experiment with the -dpms and +dpms options of xset(1).


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It would be great, but I don’t think that it deserves a priority elevated.

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I think the screensaver we now use (implemented by GNOME Shell) uses a monotonic clock, is not affected by this problem, and overrides whatever DPMS thing X.Org may want to do: I’ve tried setting the clock to now + 1h with date and the screen did not go blank.

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