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Test suite: split various checks feature

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As currently implemented, checks.feature mixes various unrelated checks for the sole reason of improving the test suite runtime. Unfortunately, this is deemed to result in a quickly growing bitrot space.

Instead, the scenarii that are currently in there should be split into functionally grouped independent features, that would share a tag expressing that they can share a common background snapshot.


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Blocked by Tails - Feature #6094: Test suite: background snapshot improvements Resolved 2015-10-15


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There’s some serious lack of imagination in the topic branch, I guess. Suggestions of improvements are welcome! Also I skipped the As a Tails user/developer... intro text since I find it a worthless exercise in semi-creative writing. If someone can point out to me what problem it is supposed to solve I’ll give it a try.

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Code review didn’t give me much more inspiration, so it seems fine to me as it is. Running the new features does not raise any issue either, so merged it, congrats!

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(Seems like this was merged into devel only, so it can’t be in 2.5. And it’s “Fix committed” until we’ve released.)

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