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Improve OpenPGP documentation

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End-user documentation

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  • Link to the OpenPGP features of Seahorse, for example the key management feature.
  • Link to general introduction to OpenPGP, for example:
  • Mention Enigmail and point to the Thunderbird documentation

“Paperkey reduces the amount of data
to be printed to the bare minimum (secret part of key) and adds
checksums which allow for easier restore of the key when typing it in or
dealing with dirty scans.”


Bug #6568: Mention Seahorse in documentation Confirmed


Feature #9407: Mention OpenPGP best practices Confirmed


Bug #9404: Document how to generate strong OpenPGP keys with Seahorse instead of Claws Mail Resolved


Feature #15174: Mention Enigmail in documentation Rejected


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Related to Tails - Bug #8999: Claws Mail leaks cleartext of encrypted email to the IMAP server Resolved 2015-03-03
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I have a doubt… I’m working on a page about Seahorse, but should I put the link to gnupg.org there and consider I’m solving Bug #6568 and this one at the same time? Or does OpenPGP deserve a dedicated page? If so, what else would go in it - we can link to the Seahorse page I’m working on, but we’d better not duplicate information, so 2 links seem not enough content to deserve a page.

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That’s a bit up to you and you should probably try out things and see how they go.

Maybe I would try first to have a general page about OpenPGP and include Seahorse in there. That page would also be a parent page for the documentation of the OpenPGP Applet. Also check out if we have other OpenPGP related tools. If so, then you could make Bug #6568 a subtask of this one.

Regarding pointing to gnupg.org. Well, we have to do this because it’s upstream but I’m not sure it’s the best documentation about OpenPGP in the world and we should look for other ones (possible translated already). So I would have a look at Security-in-a-Box and the EFF Self-defense Guide first. They must have stuff about explaning the concepts behind OpenPGP and we know they are maintained and translated somehow.

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Note that paperkey will only be added in Tails 1.4 at best, so as of now we won’t be able to close that ticket for Tails 1.3.1. But we can start working on it for sure…

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We have enough tickets for 1.3.1, it’s ok if this one waits a bit :)

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I’ll have to mention to configure Claws to save drafts in local folder (either in PGP doc or in Claws doc, not sure).

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  • related to Bug #8999: Claws Mail leaks cleartext of encrypted email to the IMAP server added

#11 Updated by sajolida 2015-03-05 15:30:49

That’s Bug #8999.

#12 Updated by BitingBird 2015-03-05 16:16:46

Well, that’s Bug #8999 to solve it, but I’ll document it here :)

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  • related to deleted (Bug #6568: Mention Seahorse in documentation)

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> I’ll have to mention to configure Claws to save drafts in local folder (either in PGP doc or in Claws doc, not sure).

There’s still some hope (?) that someone actually fixes that bug, so maybe hold on a bit before spending time documenting workarounds.

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No date. If somebody wants to steal it, be welcome :)

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Unassigning BitingBird who seems to ask for somebody else to take this over.

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Anybody interested in taking care of this task?

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We should mention Enigmail and point to the Thunderbird documentation.

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