Bug #17567

Weird new SYSLINUX sign on splash screen

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Testing Tails 4.5 rc~1, the splash screen shows a big SYSLINUX sign on top of the two options Tails and Tails (troubleshooting).

As a fellow contributor puts it:

`the SYSLINUX feels a bit like it’s being yelled at my face`

Is it necessary to add this heading? Many users will not understand why it has been added.


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sajolida added it so I’d like his input :)

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With the support of Secure Boot, people might be either faced with GRUB (on UEFI) or SYSLINUX (on Legacy).

I added the SYSLINUX label to make it easier for people to understand whether they are on GRUB or SYSLINUX, which is very different if you have to edit the boot options. If SYSLINUX displays no name, then it’s harder to call it by its name when writing the doc.


  • Few people should have to edit the boot options, so indeed, this label will only useful to a minority of users.
  • With the support of Secure Boot, most people will be booting in UEFI now and see GRUB instead of SYSLINUX; at least new users and especially Windows users.
  • On the long term, I think that we should aim at only having GRUB when starting from USB sticks. It would make the experience more consistent and would allow us to do fancy tricks inside GRUB (see our Help desk discussion from today).
  • I don’t think that we should roll back all changes that produce a first negative impression on some users. So I’d rather discuss this more in depth than comply with this 1 report.

So yeah, my take is that it’s no big deal and that fewer and fewer people should see it as time passes by.

I also don’t mind removing it in time for 4.5 and adjust the doc on boot options. No big deal either but more work, now that this is done.

@emmapeel: What do you think based on the trade-off described above?

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@emmapeel, feel free to reject this topic if you find sajolida’s answer satisfactory.