Bug #17502

Buggy inlines in /install/clone and /install/mac/clone

Added by sajolida 2020-02-25 20:17:11 . Updated 2020-04-14 00:38:31 .

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End-user documentation

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Installation Assistant
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Sections 5/6 (“Restart on the new Tails”) are buggy in both versions.

We should probably get rid of the detailed restarting instructions, like we do when people restart after creating a Persistent Storage.


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Blocks Tails - Feature #17247: Core work 2020Q1 → 2020Q2: Technical writing Confirmed


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Here is a tiny branch! It’s really weird that we didn’t spot this bug earlier because I couldn’t track it down to recent changes.

I tried for a while to included detailed boot instructions for both Mac and PC but it’s too complicated (as always with the installation instructions!).

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Looks good!

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Applied in changeset commit:tails|24bd4b7561d87fe0f68dddceecf674a3603c820e.

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@cbrownstein: Thanks, merged :)