Bug #17448

Surface Pro 3 - Wi-Fi disabled when keyboard folded

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A user has reported that the Wifi of their Microsoft Surface Pro 3 doesn’t work after folding the computer (folding the keyboard). The Wifi looks like it is on, but is not able to detect networks. The only way to get it back to work is to reboot.

When the computer is auto-suspended due to inactivity or intentionally, by using the suspend button the Wifi works just fine on unfreeze.

Bug report: 51deb0eddbbf6d3926577ecb3343605d

Perhaps this should go to “user documentation” in “known issues” rather than research?



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This occurs since Tails 4 (worked before)

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This bug report says:

  • the computer has this network adapter 01:00.0 Ethernet controller [0200]: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88W8897 [AVASTAR] 802.11ac Wireless [11ab:2b38]
  • MAC address spoofing is enabled

We have a known issue documented that says that on some Microsoft Surface Pro models, with the same network adapter, Wi-Fi only works if one disables MAC spoofing. So it seems to me that things improved a bit with Tails 4.0: Wi-Fi works without disabling MAC spoofing, until a suspend in triggered in this specific way.

Wrt. updating that known issue doc, it would be good to know if disabling MAC spoofing fixes this new problem. Thanks in advance!

Wrt. fixing the actual bug, we would need the logs extracted from a system where the bug has happened (not the case in the referenced report).