Bug #17431

Consider dropping the latest release version and date from the website sidebar

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One of the major pain points in our release process is the 2+ times when one waits for the full website to rebuild, due to the sidebar being updated with the release date & version bumps. Some of these waiting times are in the ~20 minutes order of magnitude, some are 1h or more.

Could we consider removing this information altogether?

This info was added to the sidebar almost 10 years ago via commit:0e3f9cf98278be787739f7293bc03a48efa75e8d.

sajolida told me there are big plans to change or remove the sidebar, as it currently is, in 2 months or so. I understand it’s about Feature #15112, as part of Feature #7627. It would be great if part of this work could benefit our RMs :)


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I’ll do this while working on Feature #16537 for Sponsor 1.

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Done in Feature #15112 \o/

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Hi !

I understand the reasons of this change (through never experienced it myself).

However, for an user point of view, I believe having this information easily accessible was something really useful & important. There have been lot of work done, or in progress to encourage people to use the last version, and to know if they do (example Feature #16796), thus I found a bit counter intuitive to not let people easily know if their images are up to date, when attending an install.

I know the information is accessible in other parts like the news ones, or by starting to follow the install process, just beleive it is less immediately accessible, and may end more people to need to immediately upgrade after the install, because they wont have easily found that their image is to not uptodate.

I don’t want to push for reconsidering it (thats a bit late..). However, I am afraid the drawbacks of this changes may have been underestimated and may ends to outcomes its advantages.. Curious to see if I will be the only one :).

EDIT: Would making this information available in the main/welcome page saves build time ? If so, it would be a good way to preserve this information (it doesnt have to be in the side/topbar), while preserving the benefits of this change.