Bug #17279

Work around the lack of usable branches in Tor's translation.git

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Scope: everything Tails that’s translated via Transifex, except the tails-misc component, which does the right thing and works just fine for us.

At some point along the way for Bug #16774, the _completed branches dropped content that was not fully translated and reviewed. So for example, tails-iuk_completed currently has translations for one single language. Our current doc + scripts to update translations will pull from these _completed branches and thus delete most translations (which also makes our scripts raise errors that need to be manually corrected). Since a few months, every time I pulled updated translations I had to manually workaround this to avoid losing translations. That’s been fine by me as a temporary thing but it won’t fly on the long term, especially with RMs who are less at ease with all this stuff, are not aware of what’s going on, nor how they should workaround the current buggy situation.

The real fix is Bug #16774#note-25, which needs some work on the Tor side by emmapeel. I’m not aware of progress nor of a timeline there, and it’s been 2 months now, so I think it’s time for me to implement workarounds. The drawback of the workarounds I’ll put in place is that for every language that’s not in the current _completed branch, translations we ship will be stuck to the last version we could import from there. That’s already been the case every time I had to manually workaround the problem in the last couple months, so it won’t be a regression.


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