Feature #17157

Upgrade to Tor Browser 9.0a8

Added by intrigeri 2019-10-16 09:30:30 . Updated 2019-10-19 11:51:21 .

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  • Feature Branch set to feature/16356-tor-browser-9.0+force-all-tests,

#4 Updated by intrigeri 2019-10-17 06:59:52

Full test suite passes except the Unsafe Browser proxy settings ones: looks like the changes brought for https://bugs.torproject.org/31286 in 9.0a7..9.0a8 change that UI. But it looks like the UI our test suite now finds is about how tor shall connect to the Internet, which is not what we want to test here (and in passing it says “Tor Browser”. Presumably we should hide this new piece of UI in all our browsers and then find how we can update our Unsafe Browser tests.

#5 Updated by intrigeri 2019-10-17 07:27:05

In Tor Browser, about:preferences behaves in a weird way:

  • The “Tor” link in about:preferences, that points to about:preferences#tor, does not do anything; in a pristine Tor Browser, it points to the bridges & proxy prefs (imported from Tor Launcher) → I think we should hide it.
  • Searching for “proxy” shows some prefs (that I could not find by browsing the prefs) about proxy and allowed outgoing ports, i.e. bits that were imported from Tor Launcher and that are broken and useless in Tails: Onion Grater will prevent Tor Browser from retrieving and changing the tor configuration. Same when searching for “bridges”. I think it’s acceptable for 4.0 but I’ll ask the Tor Browser team if they can give us a pref/envvar to fully hide all these prefs (even via “Find in Preferences”).

The issue I’ve reported about Unsafe Browser above is exactly the same as this UX wise, but from the test suite PoV it’s an entirely different matter: the Networking Settings in General preferences has been removed from the Tor Browser codebase so we can’t use it anymore. I’ll see what we can do about it; presumably we’ll need to tweak proxy settings via about:config or directly in prefs.js.

#6 Updated by intrigeri 2019-10-17 10:20:31

On the topic branch, I’ve fixed all the regressions I had spotted. Let’s see what CI thinks.

#7 Updated by intrigeri 2019-10-17 10:47:42

  • Feature Branch changed from feature/16356-tor-browser-9.0+force-all-tests, to feature/16356-tor-browser-9.0+force-all-tests

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No related failure in a full test suite run locally.

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Please merge into testing → devel.

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