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Translation platform: design & implement long-term maintenance & support plan

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Translation Platform
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Team: hefee, intrigeri, u, drebs

Meeting planned for November 21st 2019 14-17h Berlin/Amsterdam time.


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This will happen on November 21st 2019.

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Once you’re done here, make sure to update summit.git:Teams.mdwn. Thanks!

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As per today’s meeting (notes sent over email to the 4 people who were part of the thread):

  1. We’ll define the maintainers’ responsibilities incrementally in the next few months, while doing the work together.
  2. Around February we’ll start formally handing the job over to the maintainer.

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  • Blueprint set to https://tails.boum.org/blueprint/translation_platform/#maintainers-responsibilities

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Hi drebs & hefee!

Here’s a gentle reminder that we’re supposed to dump notes into https://tails.boum.org/blueprint/translation_platform/#maintainers-responsibilities along the way, as we do work that we think may qualify as “Maintain the translation platform” core work.

I see this did not happen yet but perhaps this is happening elsewhere (totally fine by me); I want to encourage you to handle this in another way that would work better for you, if you’d like :)

Brainstorm-style idea: while reporting your clocking info for Q4 on this front, maybe you’ll see what you spent time on, and it could be a good time to sum it up somewhere.


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I’ve added all I could think of to the blueprint. How about we do this:

  1. Until the end of March: you two do the same (suggestion: in my experience, for this sort of things, incrementally works better than after the fact :)
  2. Early April: we meet to finalize this, in time to provide the info needed by the Tails budget forecasting process (we’ll know how much time we’ve actually spent on this over 4.5 months, we’ll have better visibility on the big things ahead, and depending on what we include in the role description, the budget we request for next year may vary).

I.e. a more relaxed timeline for the handover than what we decided in November, i.e.: “Around February we’ll start formally handing the job over to the maintainer”.

If you folks prefer to stick to the original timeline and finalize this earlier than April, that’s totally fine by me :)


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