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Have a "People" page

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  • Create a “People” page which goals are to:

Make our project more accessible and more easily understandable,
giving it a human face somehow (Ulrike)

Destroy the myth that Tails people are anonymous (cf. roadmap 2017)

Build trust by showing that [we] are real people (sajolida)

Avoid idolization and becoming famous and celebrities (emmapeel)

Document the pronouns of people in the team (cf. Feature #16784)

The target audience for this page is anybody who might need more clues
to build trust and feel like Tails is a group of real and trustworthy
humans and not some shady entity: users, new contributors, job
seekers, funders or potential funders, the press, etc.

  • Propose anybody who is subscribed to tails-summit@ to opt-it to be
    listed on this “People” page.
  • The item of each person on the list MUST at least include:

a name, possibly a pseudonym

a description of the work they do in Tails, without mention of
whether it is paid or not

favorite pronouns

  • The item of each person on the list CAN also include:

an email address

social media handles

OpenPGP keys

personal website

  • Order the list of people alphabetically.
  • To solve the picture issue, I propose to have a pixel art character
    for everybody, in the style of those that anonym can do, cf. myself in
    attachment (my feet were cut in the original picture!).

People can decide how their avatar looks like (if you don’t want the
Internet to know that you are blond you can put blue hair on your

I think that this trick would solve both the privacy concerns while
keeping a consistent, welcoming, and human feeling.

I haven’t discussed this with anonym but I’m sure that he’ll be happy
to help us on that. Otherwise, I don’t mind learning.


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#1 Updated by sajolida 2019-09-12 17:19:08

I would be happy to work on this myself but I really don’t know when I’ll have the time to do it, so I’m not assigning it to me to avoid cookie licking.

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  • blocks Feature #16784: Document the pronouns of the people in the team added