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Have a process for responding to Code of Conduct reports

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Related to https://github.com/mozilla/diversity/blob/master/evaluation_tools/governance-basic.md after making clear who will receive these reports, we should document a process for responding to them.

Probably such reports should be sent to everyone from tails@, except to the person(s) that this report involves if any and then discussed internally.


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From “No More Rock Stars”: https://hypatia.ca/2016/06/21/no-more-rock-stars/

Select a small expert group of people to enforce it, with provisions for what to do if one of this group is accused of harassment. Set deadlines for responding to complaints. Conduct the majority of discussion about the report in private to avoid re-traumatizing victims. Don’t make exceptions for people who are “too valuable.” If people make the argument that some people are too valuable to censure for violating the code of conduct, remove them from decision-making positions. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are asking yourself if someone’s benefits outweigh their liabilities, recognize that they’ve already cost the community more than they can ever give to it and get to work on ejecting them quickly.