Bug #16763

Screen locker does not work in Buster

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The screen locker in Buster based Tails versions does not work.

When an administration password is set, neither pressing Super+L or clicking the button in the system menu will lock the screen.

When no administration password is set and pressing Super+L or clicking the screen locking button in the system menu will show the prompt for setting a password for the screen locker. When “Lock Screen” is clicked after a password was specified nothing will happen.


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@segfault, wanna take this one?

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intrigeri wrote:
> @segfault, wanna take this one?


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I think I found a fix. I pushed a commit to the feature branch. It’s working when applied in a running Tails, I’m currently building a new image to test whether it also works there.

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segfault wrote:
> I’m currently building a new image to test whether it also works there.

Seems to work

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In passing, this is an important feature and it seems that adding automated tests for it would be rather cheap; given we’ve seen one regression already, maybe it’s worth it.