Feature #16411

Explain what to do when the verification of Etcher fails

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See screenshot in attachment.

This might be very hard to reproduce and most likely a hardware problem, so our best source of information would be help desk:

  • How frequent is this?
  • Does retrying with the same USB stick sometimes work?
  • Does trying with another USB stick always work?
  • Otherwise does changing the image work, ie. making sure it’s verified?

Let’s wait some time to see how frequent this is and then we might add a note about this in the installation instructions for Etcher.



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@emmapeel: I know you’ve been doing shifts lately.

  • How frequent is this?
  • If people, solve this, how did they do?

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@emmapeel: I see that you’re on duty this week, so “ping!”.

If you don’t have more info, tell us. That’s helpful too!

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I can’t seem to find any reports now, but the report I remeber, the user had in fact verified with the DAVE before getting a failure on Etcher.

I don’t remember seeing it more than once, tho

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Here is a super tiny branch!

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Looks good!

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