Bug #16371

Upgrade to Linux 4.19.16-1 in 3.13

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It got uploaded yesterday. Depending on when exactly we freeze, we might get it or not in 3.12~rc1 and 3.12. Let’s make a conscious decision about it.


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See https://tails.boum.org/contribute/Linux_kernel/ about the trade-offs involved.

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I think we should skip this kernel bump for 3.12; it’s too little, too late. As for “too little”, I compared buster (4.19.12 and Tails already uses 4.19.13) vs sid (4.19.16) and only two issues were listed as “vulnerable” for buster and “fixed” for sid, but they were actually fixed in 4.19.13 which we already install. And “too late” because I’m gonna prepare Tails 3.12~rc1 today, so being blocked on this ticket would probably delay the release another day.

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(Any FT person should feel free to steal this one from me if they have extra bandwidth on top of their other high prio tasks :)

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  • related to Bug #16390: devel branch FTBFS since linux-image-4.19.0-1-amd64 was removed from sid added

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4.19.16 was uploaded to stretch-backports by benh, which is usually a good sign of maturity; also, it’s been in sid since Jan 17 and we install it on our devel branch since a week. The only severe regression reported to Debian is https://bugs.debian.org/922028, which won’t affect Tails. So I think we’re good to go and should take this update, at least to get the bugfixes it brings (if not for security reasons, although it fixes a bunch of potential Spectre vulns).

Meanwhile, 4.19.20 is being prepared in the Vcs-Git; it bumps ABI to 3; it brings quite a few nice config improvements and it might be mature enough in time for 3.13, we’ll see => Bug #16458.

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Jenkins is happy enough. Next step before sending to QA: test on bare metal.

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Boots, connects to Wi-Fi, loads Tor Browser, shutdowns on boot medium removal on HP EliteBook 840G1 and ThinkPad X200.

⇒ @anonym, please review and merge into stable.

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If this is not merged today, then perhaps hold on a bit: this will be superseded by Bug #16458 and Bug #16462. So I would suggest you first review the branches that are not about upgrading the kernel.

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Obsoleted by Bug #16458.