Bug #16204

Electrum is missing in feature/buster

Added by CyrilBrulebois 2018-12-07 22:49:35 . Updated 2019-04-05 10:12:39 .

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As of 2018-12-07, electrum is no longer part of the testing distribution (in preparation for the buster release), so the feature/buster branch no longer builds.

I’ve just commented on the Debian bug report which triggered its removal (https://bugs.debian.org/912042#10 & https://bugs.debian.org/912042#15); as mentioned in my second comment, I’ll drop electrum from the feature/buster branch for the moment. If you want it to get enabled again, better make sure the RC bug is fixed in Debian (or downgraded to a non-RC severity if that’s appropriate), and to update this bug report so that we can possibly add it back to the package list.



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Patch seems fine.

It should mention, that it is reverting 282920f0e2cdf6f7483e90c8b4ce2ce8dda80cf6 and 483c87dd82d35fa4aacf73911a34c4cbd043ca98 too (for config/chroot_local-patches/persistence-setup_disable-electrum.diff). With that information it is easier to spot that you are reverting three commits in total.

Other than that: You can merge this on.

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