Bug #16183

Weblate cannot update some database schemes when upgrading

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There is an issue with the weblate instance upgrade (i don’t really know exactly what is the problem because I am unable to see the mysql logs), but it seems weblate cannot update the database schemes.

Steps to reproduce:

- cd /usr/local/share/weblate/

- ‘sudo -u weblate python3 ./manage.py makemigrations’ to make the file

- ‘sudo -u weblate python3 ./manage.py migrate’ to apply the changes. Changes look like are applied.

- ‘sudo -u weblate python3 ./manage.py migrate’ again, to check for new migrations. It says new migrations needed!

- ‘sudo -u weblate python3 ./manage.py makemigrations’ generates a new file with the same mysql query!!!.

what should happen:

- the second time we run ‘sudo -u weblate python3 ./manage.py migrate’ it should tell us that there are no migrations needed.

The query is adding some more options to the check table because of new checks available on upgrade.


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well, i don’t see any failures, even when running migrate with -v3 —traceback.

what i do see is that the migate command adds an entry to the django_migrations table.

running the thing in strace, i don’t even see it trying to make any changes to the database structure. All that is sent to the mysql server is the INSERT into the django_migrations table and a whole lot of SELECT’s, but no ALTER or UPDATE or anything else I’d expect from an attempt to make the needed adjustments you mentioned.

i’m afraid i can’t help you any further on this one, i’m inclined to think there’s something wrong with the internal logic of manage.py.

#4 Updated by intrigeri 2019-08-01 15:50:01

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We’ve seen no such problem last time we upgraded Weblate (late June). Let’s reopen this (currently not actionable) ticket if we see this problem again!

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The migration is about available checks. I expect, that some typo or anything in that list, that is not correct, but somehow the migration checks this incorrectly.

<code class="python">
class Migration(migrations.Migration):

    dependencies = [
        ('trans', '0162_auto_20190627_1801'),

    operations = [
            field=models.CharField(choices=[('begin_space', 'Starting spaces'), ('ellipsis', 'Ellipsis'), ('end_newline', 'Trailing newline'), ('end_ellipsis', 'Trailing ellipsis'), ('zero-width-space', 'Zero-width space'), ('perl_format', 'Perl format'), ('javascript_format', 'Javascript format'), ('end_space', 'Trailing space'), ('begin_newline', 'Starting newline'), ('xml-invalid', 'Invalid XML markup'), ('multiple_failures', 'Multiple failing checks'), ('escaped_newline', 'Mismatched \\n'), ('end_exclamation', 'Trailing exclamation'), ('php_format', 'PHP format'), ('translated', 'Has been translated'), ('end_semicolon', 'Trailing semicolon'), ('end_colon', 'Trailing colon'), ('bbcode', 'Mismatched BBcode'), ('optional_plural', 'Optional plural'), ('end_question', 'Trailing question'), ('max-length', 'Maximum length of translation'), ('python_brace_format', 'Python brace format'), ('c_format', 'C format'), ('same-plurals', 'Same plurals'), ('plurals', 'Missing plurals'), ('end_stop', 'Trailing stop'), ('xml-tags', 'XML tags mismatch'), ('python_format', 'Python format'), ('inconsistent', 'Inconsistent')], max_length=50),


#6 Updated by hefee 2019-08-22 13:08:59

I think it is about the table trans_check.check. But I have no idea what it is about. I checked my test system that is using a sqlite3 db and there I also see just VARCHAR (50) as type.

Maybe about the content itself?

select `check` from trans_check group by `check`;
| check             |
| begin_space       |
| ellipsis          |
| end_colon         |
| end_exclamation   |
| end_semicolon     |
| end_stop          |
| escaped_newline   |
| inconsistent      |
| multiple_failures |
| translated        |
| xml-tags          |
11 rows in set (0.00 sec)

every check I can find in the list of choices.

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#9 Updated by intrigeri 2019-09-13 10:10:23

u and I propose that when we upgrade to Weblate 3.x, we evaluate the practical impact of this bug and the benefits we would get from fixing it. Depending on this, we’ll reprioritize or reject this ticket.

#10 Updated by hefee 2019-12-12 16:25:08

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We had issues when we upgrade to 3.0.1 (Bug #16943), because a lot of created migrations scripts were added under `weblate/*/migration/*py`, that made the update to 3.0.1 impossible. That’s why we deleted the non committed files.

This also is in line with what we found, how to do a upgrade. On an upgrade you should not need to run `python3 ./manage.py makemigrations`. Maybe it was needed in earlier Weblate versions, but at least for the 3.X ones, you don’t need to run them anymore.

And we also see no failing migration anymore.