Bug #16144

Document another workaround for a vagrant failure

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When I try to build Tails, vagrant sometimes fails with

Initialization parameters must be an attributes hash, got NilClass nil (ArgumentError)

Restarting libvirtd fixes this, as suggested here.

We should add this to our Known issues and workarounds section in contribute/build.



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There’s no reason why we should delay this improvement until the next release so I’ve transplanted your branch onto master (git rebase --onto master origin/stable).
I’ve added a couple small improvements on top, please review and merge into master once happy :)

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re 1500fa0313b6fcb15601a8d2cd9a6f25b21d11f6:

I copied the hard-coded build command line from the section above:

To build an ISO image, execute the following command:

    rake build && rake vm:halt

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> I copied the hard-coded build command line from the section above:

Sure. They have different purposes: that one is meant for 1st-timers while the workaround section can also be followed by people who build Tails everyday with a different command line.

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