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Update doc for Tor Browser 8

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End-user documentation

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While Tails 3.9~rc1 already displays a big part of these changes, 8.0a10 changes things again so I recommend you use ISO images that have Feature #15803 (once it’s ready for QA or merged) to work on this.


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  • blocks Feature #15411: Core work 2018Q2 → 2018Q3: Technical writing added

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The two Tor Browser know issues documented on https://tails.boum.org/news/test_3.9-rc1/ are fixed on the topic branch for Feature #15803.

#4 Updated by intrigeri 2018-08-18 19:35:02

Also, the circuit view has moved to the URL bar (click the “(i)” icon or the TLS padlock) and it also offers “New Circuit for this Site”, which is probably nicer to use (and to document!) than the hamburger menu.

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Here is a branch. Ideally this should be reviewed and merged in time for 3.9 (Sep 4) but it’s also fine to merge it shortly after the release.

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I’ve made a bunch of improvements to the page, unrelated to your changes. Your changes look fine.


> Tor Browser is a web browser based on Mozilla Firefox. It is configured to protect your anonymity. Given the popularity of Firefox, you might have used it before. Its user interface is like any other modern web browser.

I’m having difficulty understanding that paragraph. Is it saying that given the popularity of Firefox, you might have tried Tor Browser before? Or is it saying that you might have used Firefox before?

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Thanks for the quick review!

All your changes are very good!

Still, as explained in the message of commit 8982e3159a, in order to limit the number of translations that will get fuzzy, I limited myself to modifying strings that have already been changed by the adjustment to Tor Browser 8.

Your changes go way beyond that and will break more translations and each translation team will have to fix them manually. In general, I prefer avoiding that even though that sometimes imply leaving unpolished strings inherited from older versions.

But since you made all these nice changes already, I merged them :)

And of course, there’s a balance to find between breaking all translations every time we edit a file and sticking to bad phrasing forever, so it’s not black or white.

Regarding the first paragraph, these sentences are very old and I refrained from touching them until now for the same reason. But since you’re saying that they are hard to understand, I stripped down stuff from this paragraph with d0e3c43ebc.

I’m merge this in time for 3.9 but I’m reassign this ticket to you to make sure that you read this comment (and checked d0e3c43ebc).

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