Bug #15781

New ASP code disables pre-existing live-additional-software.conf after upgrade

Added by intrigeri 2018-08-10 15:52:31 . Updated 2018-08-13 08:30:46 .

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I’ve tried upgrading a USB stick that already had a persistent volume, using an ISO built from from the topic branch. When rebooting after the upgrade:

  1. my old (empty) live-additional-software.conf was disabled, because it has was created on Tails 3.8 with 600 permissions;
  2. a new live-additional-software.conf file is created, also with 600 permissions, so the ASP config GUI won’t start and I believe that file will itself be disabled on next boot.

The only way to recover from this situation is to manually chmod 644 the file (as root, on the command line).

We can’t merge a branch aimed at improving ASP if it fully breaks the feature for everyone who already had a persistent volume (regardless of whether they were using ASP or not), hence the High priority.

I believe commit:636fde21d3920c15b977dfed68dcf76c1bcb1d85 is the culprit. It’s kinda funny to disable a file with perms 600, stating that it “has unsafe access rights”, because we now expect — and need — more relaxed permissions :)

I recommend the following:

  • if the file has permissions 644 and the expected ownership and ACLs, fine, leave it alone
  • else, if the file has permissions 600 and the expected ownership and ACLs, then make it 644
  • else, disable the file



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Applied in changeset commit:f7c31127c5b039f03414fae1c63c4be21b6cc3e4.

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I pushed a fix and tested it in a build. I did push it to the feature/14594-asp-gui for that which was stupid, sorry. It’s two more commits to review.

#4 Updated by alant 2018-08-12 22:00:15

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I just saw you already reviewed this. Sorry for the noise

#5 Updated by segfault 2018-08-12 22:05:00

Yes, I reviewed f7c31127c5b039f03414fae1c63c4be21b6cc3e4 and 1ac10aa5cbe9486d8f59bdae72f2661d2ad52231 as part of Feature #14598.

#6 Updated by intrigeri 2018-08-13 08:30:46

> I pushed a fix and tested it in a build. I did push it to the feature/14594-asp-gui for that which was stupid, sorry.

IMO that was the right thing to do: we can’t merge feature/14594-asp-gui without this fix anyway so implementing it on a different branch just adds overhead.