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Is Tor still slow?

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The documentation for the Tails Project has a section titled “Why is Tor slow?”. This leads to the question of is Tor still slow. Most page loads for me haven’t taken too long. (2 to 3 seconds - it’s of course slower than Google Chrome without any anonymity protections) A more fair description of the problem is “why is latency high on Tor?” though that’s still a minimal issue. Of course this all varies on the user’s internet speed. This is my experience on a connection in a first world country. I cannot speak for the Tor experience in non first world countries. Should this section in the documentation go into more depth on the challenges or be left as is. Thoughts?



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Thanks 0x20 for raising the issue!

I agree that the speed of Tor has seen drastic improvements since we wrote this page many years ago and I don’t think this deserves a dedicated page in our documentation anymore. But the content of this page is still relevant and people still usually find Tor slower than the normal Internet (which is true, and people have been used to instant loading of pages)

Still, I think it would be an improvement to the structure of our documentation to:

  • Move /doc/about/tor in the “Anonymous Internet” section (that’s little related I admit).
  • Move /doc/anonymous_internet/why_tor_is_slow as a section of /doc/about/tor; adjust /doc/about/tor accordingly.

I’m making this part of Feature #15411 because it’s important to keep a clean and relevant index in our doc.

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We’re too busy and it’s less important than the rest of our plate.

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