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Explain better what removing a package means

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Additional Software Packages
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During the user testing of the Additional Software beta:

  • 2 participants hesitated before clicking the [X] button.
  • After clicking “Remove” in the confirmation dialog, 1 participent still doubted whether removing meant uninstalling or deleting. Actually, it means something else :)

We could:

  • Add a tooltip on the [X] button.
  • Explain a bit more in the confirmation dialog.



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We’ll try to fix that but it’s not a blocker to deliver SponsorW_2017.

Next step: I should propose a wording for a tooltip.

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Proposed wording for the tooltip:

Stop installing $package automatically

If it’s too complicated to include the name of the package:

Stop installing automatically

Rationale: we’re not explaining anywhere what removing the package from the list really means. “Removing” means “stop installing automatically” (but not “deleting from persistence” or “uninstalling immediately”, for example). This was only a slight problem for P3 who hesitated a second to click on the cross button. So let’s keep the phrasing that we already have in the confirmation dialog (this would be too late for P3 anyway) and be a bit more explict in the tooltip, who only people who will hesitate will see.

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Implemented in feature/14594-asp-gui, to be tested in real ISO.

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Shouldn’t we also add in the confurmation dialog “Remove $package from your additional software? This will stop installing the package automatically.” or something similar?

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Yeap, that would be great.

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I’m assigning this to sajolida, as you probably meant to do when marking this as ready for QA? If not, please reassing back to you. Note that the deadline to get this merged is in one week!

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I’m happy with what I see in the Git log.

u: I think that sometimes Alan assigns stuff as “Ready for QA” to himself until he tests his changes.

Alan: if you tested this already please mark it as “Fix committed”.

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> Alan assigns stuff as “Ready for QA” to himself until he tests his changes.

Indeed. At least anonym and I do the same pretty often. And incidentally (or on purpose) this enables ISO reproducibility testing on Jenkins :)

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